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Gigi's Journey

Gigi started her practice and study of yoga in the early 90s, with the Cuban Association of Yoga in the City of Havana, Cuba, together with her career as a dancer at the Tropicana. 


Gigi immigrated to Costa Rica in 1994 and then to Argentina, where she continued her study of Yoga.


Between 2001 and 2005 she continued training at the Ananda Yoga Center, furthering her knowledge of Iyengar, technical methods of Kurunta, Ashtanga Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga for the treatment of various pathologies, Yoga during pregnancy, Bio-mechanics of Movement, Oriental philosophy and Natural Nutrition.

The fact that there were no official certifications available at the time for Iyengar Yoga teachers in Argentina couldn't stop Gigi. She continued to study and learn from Argentinian teachers certified in Pune, India. She participated in numerous workshops with Gabriella Giubillaro, Paul Cabanis, Raja Uma Datha and Steve Jacobson- all of them senior instructors recognized internationally in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, India and the USA.

Meet Gigi

Gigi is a Yoga Instructor whose teachings are based on that of Iyengar and Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow yoga principles. Gigi has over 20 years of experience with Yoga Wall Ropes and Kurunta style yoga practice.


Gigi can be described as, a joyful lover-of-life and all things health-related. She is always and continually, advancing her own practice of health and wellness studies and techniques, in order to deliver a better style of instruction and help others to achieve a better, happier and healthier way of life.

Gigi enjoys introducing beginners to her beloved teachings and also getting more advanced Yogis excited about learning a new style of Yoga, using props or just stepping out of their comfort zone.


In 2013, she traveled to India and spent time in Rishikesh, studying with well-known Iyengar resident Instructor Usha Devi. During Gigi’s Yoga journey, she has practiced and completed 2 Acroyoga Immersion courses with Justin Caruso (USA), Agustin Aguerreberry (Argentina), Juan Pablo Restrepo (Colombia), Thai Massage, Partner Yoga. This has enriched her style of teaching and sense of community without abandoning her passion, and strengthening her conviction of the Iyengar method in which she continually develops detail and accuracy in her research capacity and instruction of the movements or asanas. 

In 2006, Gigi opened her Yoga Studio in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in December of 2014, Gigi decided to emigrate to the USA, to explore and further her health and wellness education and practice with her four-legged family.

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Gigi's Sathya Yoga Today

Once established in the United States, Gigi reopened her studio, Sathya Yoga, in Lawrenceville, Georgia in 2016,working predominantly in the Latin American community where she noticed a great desire for yoga awareness.


Gigi also creates quite a bit of awareness about the yoga practice and teachings at the Lifetime gym in Lawrenceville, Georgia, where she facilitates sometimes.



Recently in 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Gigi had to close her physicial studio but quickly evolved her yoga practice and business to being delivered primarily via online yoga live-streams. Gigi and Sathya Yoga Studio has since received an overwhelmingly positive response for adapting and being a source of reprieve for participants during such uncertain times.


Gigi is excited to announce the re-opening of her Sathya Yoga Studio coming in the Winter of 2021. Gigi will continue to offer her live-streaming classes and recordings for those participants who prefer them.


Gigi is also an Access Consciousness Facilitator, completing the 3 levels of REIKI and obtaining her REIKI certification. Also, she has continued deepening her learning on Thai Massage, getting certified as a Bodywork facilitator by Michael Zitser well-known Bodywork therapist and educator in whole USA and recently during a study abroad trip to Thailand she got a new certification from the worldwide legendary Thai Massage Master Pichest Boonthumme.


When Gigi is not teaching, she is busy volunteering at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, as a translator and family service advocate. She is crazy about YOGA, DOGS, BEACHES AND HEALTHY FOOD!!! …AND THEN BEACHES AGAIN!


Want to hear how Sathya Yoga can help you? Leave us a note!

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